Monday, August 17, 2015

A Laugh A Minute

I just love the stage Wesley is in right now.
He makes us laugh so much with the funny things he says and does.
I try to write our favorite Wesley-isms in my journal,
but he says so many I probably only record about 10 percent.

The other day, he was saying the prayer over his breakfast.
Suddenly, mid-sentence, he called out, "NO!" and then continued his prayer without missing a beat.
When he was finished he told us,
"Satan was trying to make me not pray, so I had to tell him 'No.'"

Yesterday we were watching some home videos we had made from a few years ago.
In one of my very favorites, Wesley is just 8 months old or so and Talmage repeatedly throws a pillow at him.
The pillow would hit Wesley and nearly knock him down from his perch where he held onto the couch.
And every single time, he would burst into hysterical laughter.
The harder the pillow hit him, the better.

This little boy has always been such a bright ray of happy sunshine in our home.

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