Monday, July 27, 2015

Upper Stillwater Reunion-Day 3

Day 3 of my family's camping trip started with a full-out spread of pancakes the size of dinner plates, sausage, cereal, yogurt, granola, and all the fixings. Any time we can bring out the Nutella we're guaranteed to have happy kids on our hands!

After breakfast, we got ready and my brother took us on a tour of the dam.
Talmage was highly concerned when he unlocked the gate that said "No Trespassing" on top of the dam and led us through for our tour. "But Mom, we trespassed!!!" he said with great anxiety. I calmed him by explaining that my brother was allowed to take us through since he worked there.
Here is our whole bunch!
This photo may or may not be the result of the camera being set on a stranger's car hood and set on timer mode.

Corban was an excellent tour guide and showed us some pretty amazing things!
The most alarming part of the tour was when he lifted up a panel on the floor inside a building to show us the water flowing at a very high rate of speed through a giant sieve to the tunnel that went through the mountain. As I leaned over the opening he said, "Just don't fall in. You will die."

We were so happy Aunt Breanne flew in from Washington, D.C. for the reunion!

The boys climbed on rocks near the dam and showed me their "fierce" faces.
So scary.

We even got to go inside the dam for part of the tour! We were led along a very long tunnel that stretched through the dam, which was mostly solid concrete. It was cold, wet, slimy, and fascinating!

After our tour was complete, we headed back to our campsite and packed our things up and headed back home. We were dirty, exhausted, and very ready for showers. But, as always, it was bittersweet to leave the peace and relaxation of the mountains and head back to normal life.
It was a simply beautiful 3 days, and we're so grateful to Corban and his family for planning the reunion this year and to all of our other family members for their preparation and contributions!

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