Thursday, July 23, 2015

Upper Stillwater Reunion-Day 2

After breakfast, getting ready, and clean-up, day 2 of the reunion started with a pleasant hike up to the top of the dam. And what a gorgeous hike it was! I have begun to understand why people adore the Uintahs so much.

There were some pretty intense rock-slide areas along the way. My brother showed us a boulder he and some co-workers had blown up in order to clear the trail to the dam--pretty cool!

After walking around a bit at the top of the dam, we headed back to camp for lunch & relaxation time.
We enjoyed riding bikes/walking around the campground loop, playing games, talking, napping, reading, and eating too many yummy snacks! And the kids had a great time fully immersing themselves into the camping experience and covering themselves head-to-toe in dirt.

Wesley resembled a chipmunk with a mouthful of M&Ms!

The weather got pretty ominous in the afternoon and rain sprinkled off and on.
We decided to brave the elements and head up to the reservoir to go kayaking for a bit.
Maxton, my 5-year-old nephew, eagerly took a kayak out on his own and tipped off of it into the freezing cold water! Between the temperature of the water and the cool weather, I was so surprised and impressed by the fact that he hardly even let out a moan as he hung onto his kayak and waited for his dad to come get him back on. And then he continued to paddle around even though he was soaked! What an awesome little guy.

After another delicious dinner of summer sausage tinfoil dinners with roasted red pepper Italian dressing and dutch oven brownies, we called it a night and put the kids to bed. Lincoln would settle down and go to sleep only when I reviewed all the pictures on my camera with him as I lay next to him. I'm glad I took so many to entertain him as he drifted off to sleep! Day 2 was pretty much the perfect camping day!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures. Wish I had been there. I am amazed at how the adults set things up so that the kiddos wouldn't get bored. Talmage reminds me of Moses with his staff, going into the mountains.


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