Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Other Side of Life

One of the purposes of this blog is to accentuate the positive in day-to-day life--
thus the name, Plain and Simple Joy.
Focusing on the positive helps me maintain a good attitude,
and it helps me recognize the good when things are difficult.

But I fear sometimes, that in doing so, this blog fails to portray reality.
I desire to be a voice of truth and goodness in the world--not to contribute to feelings of discontentment because the life portrayed here seems perfect.

Take, for example, our 4th of July celebration.
Scanning through the pictures fills me with gratitude and appreciation.
BUT, I could have written about how Sam went to his lab after dropping us off at the parade.
His work took longer than anticipated so my exhausted boys, who had been up late the night before watching fireworks, got almost no sleep all day in preparation for another late night.
I could have written about the sub-par parade with all of about 2 floats and most of the rest advertisements on cars driving by.
I had been sick all week and was still pretty miserable.
I could tell you how my dad and my brother spent most of the day re-building a section of my parents' roof. It was so hot up there they both ended up with heat stroke and they missed most of our festivities.
Should I write about the side I made that sounded so delicious but really didn't taste very good?
Maybe I should have written about how, just before fireworks started the evening of the 4th, all of the day's treats and festivities got to Lincoln and he threw up all over himself and me.
Or I could have documented the terrifying moments when, twice during the day's commotion, Lincoln wandered into the middle of the road when our attention was directed elsewhere.
Sure, we had fun with chalk and sack races--but I could tell you of about 5 games we had planned that fell through for various reasons.

But dwelling on the negative drags me down and exhausts me.
I feel strongly that happiness is a choice that greatly depends on the perspective we have.

So please, do not assume that this blog depicts reality in its entirety,
and please don't give in to the monster of discontentment--
as a result of this blog or any other depiction of life.

In the words of President Gordon B. Hinckley, a man much wiser than I,
"Don't be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. Accentuate the positive. Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life."


  1. Kaitlyn, I seriously doubt that any of the readers of your blog don't already know how imperfect life can be. As for me, I cherish reading about your good times and they help me look harder for what little is good in my life. I just had shoulder surgery the 23rd of June, and 2 days ago I learned that I have 2 more herniation's and a pinched nerve in my back in the areas where I have already had 3 surgeries. That is what the spinal fusion was meant to prevent. So don't feel like you need to share the negative, unless you want to. As your friend, I am here for you anytime you need a shoulder or ear. We do need to vent and get some input that might help you deal with things, or even turn things around. My girlfriend, Leslie Hopkins, has always told me that I brighten her day when she is down. I would hope that I could do that for you. Sharing is a part of dealing with things because by doing so your load is lifted. I believe it is more likely that you need to share, than merely just trying to make others "realize," that your world isn't perfect. And you certainly do not need to apologize in any way because you think you are presenting you and your family as perfect. And anyone that would think you were trying to do that, either doesn't have a brain or they do not know you at all. Believe me when I say, Kaitlyn, that you and your family, with all of your imperfections, are such a Godsend to me. I don't know how I would have gotten through some of the darkest days of my life, if not for you, Sam, and my boys. I love all of you with an eternal love, and although I have no memories of all of you when we were still in heaven, my spirit knows that we were close there, too.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, sweet words Cindy. I am so sorry to hear about the back trouble! It seems pain is your lot in life right now, but thankfully we have the understanding that the difficulties of this life are temporary! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  2. My thoughts are with you too. I really, really miss you all.


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