Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On the Go-Cart

One of the kids' favorite things about living in Utah is all the time they get to spend with our families!
Talmage, my brother's son, and my sister's son were all born within 2 months of each other, becoming the oldest three grandkids on my side of the family.
It is such fun to have all the grandkids running around at our monthly family dinners!

Last month we arrived to see that both of my brothers and my older brother's kids were over in the field across from my parents' house with the go-cart.
I wasn't surprised to see my 5-year-old nephew driving the thing around like a pro...he's been riding his own motorcycle for a year now! He was able enough to be trusted to take Talmage and Wesley on rides and they were absolutely thrilled!
And, of course, anxious to try their own hands at driving.
My brother got in with them and let them "drive" (steer). They were ecstatic.

Of course, when they were finished and after I took it for a spin,
Lincoln purposefully strode over to the go-cart, hopped in onto my lap, and grabbed the steering wheel.
It's a pretty shaky ride and I wasn't at all sure I trusted myself to hang onto him--and I was none too certain he would enjoy the ride either, so I slowly drove forward a few feet and cried, "Wheee!"
According to my brother Lincoln's face said, "Mom, that was lame," so off we went around the field.
He was so happy to be like his brothers.

I'm glad he has such great brothers,
and I'm glad I have such great brothers, too!

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  1. I seriously wish that I was your kid. Those boys rocked it. Looks like mommy did too.


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