Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Little Charmer

Our little Lincoln certainly keeps us on our toes.
One minute we're laughing hysterically at his antics,
the next we're adoring his squishy little not-so-babyish cheeks,
and the next we're about to pull our hair out with exasperation!
But then he says, "Sah-wee" in the most imploring, heartfelt way that he melts our hearts all over again.

He is talking so much these days...he'll repeat just about anything and probably says about 150 words of his own accord.
He is starting to become really social and loves it when people come over.
He thinks he ought to be as big as his brothers and lets us know with great frustration if he isn't being treated as such.
He loves to jump, run, swing, and slide.
He is obsessed with socks and shoes and is rather attached to his "bank-it."
And we just can't get over how much light and joy he brings to our family.

One day he was playing outside after a rainstorm, and by the time I discovered him he was covered in mud from head to toe! He was pretty pleased with himself.
Oh, how we love this little bundle of energy.


  1. So cute! He looks mischievous in the mud pictures. :)

  2. He and his brothers are the cutest boys on earth! He will certainly have the girls swooning. It seems like yesterday when he was born. My boys are growing up too fast without me to witness it. Without your blog I would die of a broken heart. My love to all 5 of you!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I sure think they are cute, but I freely admit I am biased! :)


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