Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Donut Falls

Sam works just about every Saturday,
and for the first few years I would usually get a case of what I called the "Saturday blues."
I think, subconsciously, I expected Saturday to be a break from the normal routine,
but instead it was usually the craziest day of the week!
Now I'm busy enough that I don't find myself sitting at home with the blues much,
but I was delighted nonetheless when on Saturday I woke up and Sam told me,
"Guess what? We're going on a hike today!"

We packed up the kids and headed up to Donut Falls.
My sister and I attempted to hike this last fall, but when it started snowing pretty hard and Lincoln started crying, we decided to turn back. Too bad, because now that I've made it to the end I saw that we were probably only about 1/8 of a mile away when we turned around!

We discovered this little critter (chipmunk?) and he was quite a bold little guy!
He would come within just a couple of feet of us to eat bits of the leftover breakfast pancakes we brought along.
The kids thought he was adorable, and we dubbed him "Chip."

Photo credit: Talmage

It was the most perfect day for a hike!
There are few things that make us feel closer as a family than outdoor recreation.
When we're in the mountains, everyone is happy.


  1. I know we've talked about this before, but why don't we hang out on Saturdays?!?! We should do a picnic at the park or go on a walk or something!!!

  2. Such a beautiful place. I would love to go there. Reminds me of when I walked in Kelly's Canyon in Idaho with Rhett.
    I love the picture of the boys on the stumps and how Talmage looks like a little warrior.


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