Friday, June 5, 2015

Day-cation to Logan

A few weeks ago, Sam had to do some work up at Utah State in Logan.
I thought the boys and I could use a change in pace, so we asked if we could tag along.
Unfortunately, the weather was cold and rainy, so most outdoor activities were removed from our plans.
But we still managed to find plenty to do!

After we dropped Sam off, we headed to the Gossner Cheese Factory.
I was disappointed that they don't offer any tours, but they did have the most amazing sample table with about 20 different kinds of cheeses, spreads, milks, and crackers to try!
We even got unusual kinds of cheese such as mozzarella with flaxseed and smoked provolone.

After our fun cheese-tasting session, we picked out a package of sliced cheese and each boy got to choose a carton of milk.
Then we headed to the library for storytime!

Initially, my thought was that we could go to storytime to help kill some time, as we were going to have a very long day in Logan and there weren't as many things to do as I'd hoped with the weather!
But goodness, this turned into one of the highlights of the day!
Their storytime was the best I've ever seen...they had a separate room with stepped seating built in for the preschool storytime with permanent decorations and props and typed nametags for regular attendees--they even kept track of birthdays and sang to one little boy! They had a large projector that could project the story up on the wall while it was read so all of the kids could see the pictures clearly. There were two storytime instructors that were very animated. They had a "gathering book" they read as kids were being dropped off--and yes, it was designed to drop kids off at.
They also had a toddler storytime in a different area of the library. It started just after the preschool one and ended just before so parents could drop their older kids off and then attend the younger one. And all the furniture in the children's area was made to look like books!

The library also had many fun activities available, like an after-school Lego club where kids could come and build things to go along with certain themes. Creations were then selected to be displayed in cases along the top of the bookshelves! I was very impressed with the library and wished we lived closer, although our library is great as well!

After the library, we made the 20-minute or so drive to Richmond to visit the Pepperidge Farm Factory.
Unfortunately, there were no tours offered here either, but there were loads of super-cheap goldfish and the boys thought it was great to visit the place goldfish crackers were made!

Then we picked up Sam for a quick lunch break.
The rain had let up, so we threw coats on the boys and took them to a fun park we had heard about. I was happy to see they had some sort of rubber tiles covering the ground so it was pretty decent even with so much rain!

Sam is an excellent multi-tasker and ate his (cold) pasta while pushing Lincoln on the swing.

After our brief time with Sam, we dropped him back off and headed over to Willow Park Zoo.
It's only a dollar or two to get in, and thanks to the weather we were just about the only ones there!

They had these incredible peacocks wandering around that kept spreading their tails wide for us to admire!

They also had a lot of other birds, including this bald eagle.

I had to smile at the display of "pet rocks" we passed.

And this albino porcupine was rather fascinating!

These little foxes stole my heart.

And the kids enjoyed seeing a real reindeer!
We were so glad to be able to have a nice, calm stroll through this darling little zoo!

After we finished at the zoo, we headed over to Cox Honeyland.
There, we watched a short video about honey production and saw their hive, and then got to sample a huge array of different flavored honeys.
I got each of the boys a honey straw and they thoroughly enjoyed their sticky little treats!

By this point in the late afternoon, the boys were pretty exhausted (and I was, too!), and after Sam let me know he would be a few more hours, we just drove for a while to let Lincoln and Wesley sleep.
We drove around and admired the Logan temple and also made a quick stop at the Logan tabernacle (no tours until Summer, though).

And then I decided the boys would enjoy another visit to the park.
Thankfully they were thrilled, and we spent another hour and a half or so here!

Wesley surprised me when he demonstrated his ability to pump on the swing!

And finally, I took our very disheveled bunch into the creamery for a scoop of Aggie ice cream to top off the day.

All in all, it was a fun-filled, exhausting day, but so worth the memories made and the opportunity to change our routine!
I'm already making plans for our "daycation" to Provo the next time Sam has to work at BYU.


  1. Wow!! you guys did it all! I'm tired just reading this. Joe and I like to escape to Logan for the weekend sometimes. I don't know when our next escape will be, but I now know of lots of things that we can do the next time we're up there. I'm thinking a day trip when Bensen is older will be needed because these things look like lots of fun. Although, I'll confess, I just want to go to that park for myself, it looks like so much fun!!!

  2. It was a fun day! And the park was awesome...a few other things we couldn't/didn't do are the Bluebird Chocolate Factory (they offer tours in the summer), the tabernacle tours, as I mentioned (again, no tours until summer), Casper's Fat Boy Outlet, Aggie creamery/cheese making tours (they have tours on specific days if you check their website), visiting some splash pads, and playing at First Dam.

  3. How fun! I LOVE honey sticks- maybe because they are nostalgic for me. :) Its always nice to change up the routine a little bit. You're such a fun mom Kaitlyn!

  4. I know the boys were having so much fun. And it looks like Sam was as well. Would have liked to see you in some of the photos. The Peacocks were amazingly beautiful. I cannot believe how much Lincoln has grown!


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