Monday, June 15, 2015

A Typical Conversation

Yesterday I had this conversation with Wesley and Talmage.
I had to laugh, because it was so characteristic of the typical daily conversations we have at our house...
random, all-over-the-place, and punctuated with funny statements.

Wesley: Why do dogs have bowel movements?
Me: Well, because they eat, and when something eats, their body uses what it needs and then gets rid of whatever is left.
Wesley: But that wasn't being silly about our bodies.
Me: Yes, that's right. It's good to ask questions about your body--we always want you to ask questions about your body if you have any, just not be silly.
Wesley: Yeah, because our bodies are like temples.
Me: Right! Very good.
Wesley: Yeah, and someday I will marry my wife in the temple!
Me: Yes, and I am so excited for that day! I am so excited to see you then.
Wesley: How you get married is you have a baby.
Talmage: Nooo!
Me: No, when you get married you make special promises to each other and to Heavenly Father that you'll keep the commandments and love each other and serve each other, and then you can have babies. How many babies do you want to have?
Talmage: I want to have one hundred million billion!
Wesley: I would like to have two.
Talmage: Actually, I'll just have ten.
Me: Are they going to be boys or girls?
Talmage: Mine will be boys...all boys!
Wesley: Mine will be girls.
Me: Why will they be girls?
Wesley: Because I love girls.


  1. Now these are boys being taught right. They are so cute, I can barely stand it. I feel blessed to know them and their parents.


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