Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You're Gonna Miss This

Yesterday I was laying in the chair at the dentist's office (again!),
my mouth stretched about twice as wide as it really ought to be,
a rubber dam stretched across my face,
and all sorts of instruments were jammed into my mouth.

As I tried to stay calm and stop my gag reflex from responding,
a song came onto the radio that made me feel glad my eyes were clenched tightly shut
so the dentist and hygienist couldn't see them mist over.

It expressed so well feelings I already feel so acutely.
So humor me, if you will, and take a stroll down memory lane with me
to see some of the moments I'm "gonna miss," as you enjoy the message of this beautiful song.

These truly are some good times.


  1. What terrific pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was just looking at all of these pictures again. They make me miss all of you even more but they also fill my heart with so much joy. I especially love where the boys are standing at the Christus. I remember standing there when I was in Utah at Christmas one year back in 1985. I love all of you!


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