Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Things Friday-#6

1-This morning around 5:30, Talmage came into our room with a stomach ache and was kind of lethargic all morning. I thought maybe getting out of the house would help him feel better, so we went to visit Hill Aerospace Museum. And right there in front of the B-17 (thankfully on concrete floor), Talmage emptied the contents of his stomach. Then he crashed on the drive home and fell asleep again about half an hour after we got back. Poor little guy. I'm so thankful for the kind men who assured me that they had kids and knew how it was and insisted that they clean up what remained after I emptied the pack of baby wipes from my purse.

2-Sam's dad has been in town this week on business, so we got to have him over for dinner 3 nights! It's been fun to get the kids reacquainted with him, and they were extremely excited about the new LEGO sets he brought them! We've officially entered the world of little LEGO pieces hiding in the carpet.

3-Wesley always wants to help me in the kitchen. Making snickerdoodles and rolling the cookie dough in cinnamon and sugar was one of his favorite help-sessions yet! (Still not a huge fan of such green walls in the kitchen, but I think I've decided it won't be worth it to paint since we're renting on a fairly short-term basis.)

4-Lincoln is oh-so-funny when he is surprised. He gasps with drama and puts his hand over his mouth in such a purposeful way that it always makes me smile.

 5-"Wes, do you want me to read you a story?" was one of the things that made my heart sing this week! Talmage is making great progress on his reading. We love using phonics readers I received during my time as an Usborne books consultant in conjunction with this book!

Happy spring weekend to you all!

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