Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book of Mormon Party

A few weeks ago, our family finished reading the Book of Mormon together.
I'm afraid I don't have much to show in the way of pictures,
but making memories is more important than photographing them, right?

The Activities
1-Nephi's Obstacle Course--We set up a slide, a small trampoline, a breastplate, a shield, a sword, a helmet, and a set of scriptures around the yard. The boys then took turns going through the obstacle course, pretending to be Nephi approaching Laban, slaying him, putting on his clothes, getting the scriptures (brass plates), and running them back to us. We timed them as they raced around! Perhaps the most exciting part of this game was the fact that each boy got a new breastplate and a new helmet from the Dollar Store.

2-Make-Your-Own Liahona--I purchased several small balls from the Dollar Store and painted them gold. We then used glitter glue to decorate them!

3-Build King Benjamin's Tower--Using pretzels and caramels, we attempted to build an impressive tower. Next time we'll remember to use something a little harder than caramels, as our towers had a hard time staying up! But we had fun--more Sam and I than the boys, I think!

4-Paint a Title of Liberty--I ripped up one of Sam's old shirts and the boys got to paint on it to make their own Title of Liberty. I sewed a strip down the side where they could hang them on sticks when they were dry. This might have been their favorite activity--they had so much fun!

5-Nephi's Broken Bow--We made bows using the straight part of wire hangers and some twine. Straws with a cut down the back made fine arrows, and we set stuffed animals around the room for the boys to hunt.

6-Nephi's Ship Race (I guess Nephi had the most stories that lent themselves well to games!)--We folded origami boats and we took turns racing them across a large plastic container filled with water. Watch out for Sam's competitive side!

The Food
1-Grape Juice (to represent wine)
2-Beef Jerky (to represent the raw meat Nephi's family ate in the wilderness)
3-Hot Dog & Potato Boats (complete with sails, to represent boats of the Jaredites and others)
4-Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies (to represent crumbled prison walls of Alma & Amulek)
5-A Variety of Fruit (from the land Bountiful)
6-Greek Yogurt with Honey (the Promised Land was "flowing with milk and honey")
7-Oreo & Pudding Dirt Cups with Tiny Plastic Swords Buried in Them (as the people of Ammon buried their weapons of war)

We had some pretty excited boys!
I think the best part of the party was the fact that they internalized the stories more fully and increased in their appreciation of the excitement and wonder of the Book of Mormon. They're already anxious for us to finish the Book of Mormon again so we can celebrate with another party!


  1. Sounds fun! I'll have to remember this for my future kids.

  2. so cool... i too will have to remember this for when i have older kiddos


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