Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City offers $1 Wednesdays during the winter months.
Last week I took the boys and for $3 we enjoyed a fantastic morning looking at the birds, followed by a picnic at the park.

One of the highlights was watching some employees weigh this condor and feed him mice and rats. He weighs about as much as Talmage and Wesley, and his wingspan is longer than all 3 boys' arm spans put together.

Lincoln was content to sit in the wagon and drink the water bottle.

The golden eagle and bald eagle were impressive!

And this beauty had the longest eyelashes--if you look closely you can see them.
This one had Wesley's vote for the favorite.

We all thought it was fun to see the peacock wandering around! We didn't get to see a full display of his tail feathers, but it was a beautiful sight nonetheless.

The children's play area had a sand pit to dig with various beak-like instruments.

The flamingos might have been my favorite!
We had to sing "Mr. Stand-on-one-leg" while looking at them all.

Talmage's favorites were the condor and this little bird, which he thinks is a baby flamingo (since it was in the same pen with the flamingos), but really isn't.

We also loved seeing the owls and toucan and feeding the ducks.
The aviary was the perfect size to be able to visit all the exhibits without getting overwhelmed.
The boys had a fantastic time!

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  1. I love Tracy Aviary. I have memories of trips there on dates when I was a teenager, as well as outings with the kids when we lived in the Salt Lake area. Glad you and the boys had such an amazing outing. Looks like pretty good weather!


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