Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Merely Musings

-It was a good day for Manager's Special items at Smith's today. In addition to the free Valentine's balloons and cookies the boys scored, we came out with milk, flowers, oatmeal, pretzels, and Nilla wafers, all marked way down. Those little yellow stickers make my day! Watching the boys play with their balloons brought many cheesy smiles to my face. Lincoln kept shouting, "WHOA!" as he yanked his balloon every which way.

-Lincoln makes us all laugh so much, and he loves to make us laugh. He has a fake laugh he will do just to get us laughing, and if we laugh at a joke he joins right in. My favorite thing he says these days is "Here you go!" which sounds more like, "EeeeyaGO!" with drastic voice inflection at the end. He loves it when we sing to him at night, and he does his own version of singing very soberly that just melts my heart.

-Talmage and Wesley learned fast that potty humor was strictly outlawed, so instead they settled on mushroom humor. I'm not sure why, but they incorporate mushrooms into just about any conversation they can and then laugh hysterically. At the grocery store today, Wesley pointed out the mushrooms to Talmage and dissolved into giggles. And tonight as I tucked the boys into bed, Wesley informed me (with much laughter, of course) that he was going to name one of his children "Mushroom."

-Talmage is quite the argumentative little guy, especially if he feels things are unjust at his expense. We came up with a rule that if he argues with us he has to pull 10 weeds. The other day I issued the punishment in the early hours of the morning, and he was none too keen on going out to pull weeds in the frosty air. He was bawling and finally gasped out through sobs, "But I am a hero!!! I don't know why you are treating me so badly!"

-Teaching a child to read has opened my eyes to a new perspective. Talmage argues with me all the time about the way words should be spelled according to the rules he has learned. "O-F doesn't spell 'of!' It has to be U-V!" "Why isn't 'do' spelled 'doo?' It needs two o's to say 'oo!'" He even argues with me about his name. "A silent 'e' makes the vowel say its name! My name should be T-A-L-M-U-J!" And even consistent rules have me flabbergasted. Why does 'i-g-h' just make the long I sound? I have no idea. English is hard on my very rule-oriented, absolutist, literal 5-year-old.

-My 5-year-old and my 3-year-old both weigh 36 pounds. No wonder people often ask if they're twins, even though Wesley's still a full head shorter!

-I was surprised at how quickly Wesley caught on to playing "Guess Who." He comes up with pretty good questions and is quite good at correctly interpreting responses and eliminating characters appropriately. It's a favorite game of his right now.

-I am in constant turmoil as I try to achieve balance in my life. There are so many demands on a young mother's life, and I continually feel that I am being neglectful in one area or another! Balance is much harder to achieve than I would have expected. Schedules and lists are what keep me sane, and writing down activities I will do with my children and incorporating reading time and activity time into our daily schedules are the best way for me to make sure they happen.

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