Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Power of Observation

Our family members, like most other inhabitants of Northern Utah,
have been sick, sick, sick the past week.
We've made more trips to Smith's than I care to account for
to pick up supplies--medicine, gallons of apple juice, another humidifier...
yesterday two of my boys had routine check-ups and the doctor discovered that Wesley had a form of strep and Lincoln had a sinus infection and an ear infection.
Poor boys!
We're grateful for effective antibiotics.
I was about the tenth person in line at the pharmacy when I went to pick them up...
'tis the season to be sick, I suppose!

I've been thinking about the power of observation.
Lincoln is at the age that Sam refers to as the "baby scientist" stage.
He is constantly into everything, experimenting, learning,
figuring out how the world works around him.
And he is constantly observing what others around him are doing before he reacts.
He is also extremely aware of our reactions and just lately has been trying to make us laugh.
He'll squat down with something in his hands and say with great suspense,
"Dee, dee, dee, dee...BOP!"
On "BOP" he jumps into the air and simultaneously throws whatever he is holding.
As another variation, when he decides his food is no longer palatable,
he'll take a piece and declare, "Dee, dee, dee, dee...BOP!" as he throws it on the ground.

As time passes by, I find myself wanting to be less quick to speak,
and a little more apt to observe--
a little less determined to state my opinions,
and a little more eager to learn from others.


  1. I'm so glad that you guys are on the mend! I was telling Joe how many things you guys had going on at your house because he asked me what you guys had. Basically... everything. Somehow Joe has still managed to stay healthy. I need his immune system! If you ever need anyone to grab anything for you, please give me a call! It's probably a lot easier for me to jump in my car and run to Smith's than it is for you to load everyone up and make the trip. I'm always willing to when I'm home!

  2. Sorry the kiddos have been sick. We, too, have had a few rounds of Strep in our house. I loved the thoughts on Lincoln. Reminds me so much of Izak. And, yes, the term Baby Scientist is the perfect description of this age.


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