Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Go Fish

When I was a young girl, Go Fish was one of my favorite games.
We had a set of alphabet animal cards with which to play, and we loved studying the adorable baby animals with their corresponding adult versions.
I also loved playing Memory with the cards!

Growing up, this was all I knew to be Go Fish.
So when, in Junior High, my German teacher announced we would be playing Go Fish in German, I thought we would be brushing up on our German alphabet skills.
But I was concerned that she hadn't told us how to say "capital" and "lowercase" in German.
So I raised my hand and innocently asked, "But how do you say 'capital' and 'lowercase?'"
She looked at me with bewilderment and said, "You don't need to. We're playing Go Fish."

I sat down to play with my group, and was highly confused until I saw the stack of face cards and realized Go Fish was something entirely different than I had always thought.

In any case, I still love this version, and although the images have changed somewhat since I was a kid, they are still adorable.
Actually, this is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I actually ordered the cards (the ones I had as a kid are long since gone) for Sam and I to play with on a date when Talmage was a baby.
We had a grand time that evening,
but admittedly I've used them more with Talmage.
He loves the game just as much!
(And joking aside, it was a fabulous way to teach him capital and lowercase.)

You too, can grow to love alphabet Go Fish
and raise your children to be confused about the nature of the game!
For just three dollars, you can purchase your own set here.

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  1. We love games at our house. The kids are into Rummikub right now.


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