Monday, January 26, 2015

Daddy Crush and Trust

Yesterday Sam was playing with the boys.
They were sitting on our giant LoveSac, and he very soberly approached them and said,
"'s time for Daddy crush."
The boys looked up expectantly.
"Lay down," he continued in seriousness.
With anticipatory smiles, the boys immediately lay back.

I was both amused and touched as I watched the scene.
Although they had no prior experience with Sam's spontaneous game of "Daddy Crush,"
they had absolute, implicit trust in him and the fact that whatever he was going to do was going to make them happy and not involve being crushed.

Because they have come to know his nature, and they have had other experiences that have taught them that their Daddy loves them and wants only what is best for them.
And that understanding and experience was all they needed to follow his instructions without any reservation or hesitation.

As Sam dropped himself onto the LoveSac, catching himself inches before he hit the boys,
and then roughhousing with them and enjoying their giggles,
I yearned to have their sincere, submissive trust and faith in my Heavenly Father.
Because I too have come to know His nature.
I too have had experiences that have taught me that He loves me and wants what is best for me.

And when questions or uncertainties arise,
that really ought to be enough.


  1. I loved this post. It resonates with a lot that has been on my mind lately. Thanks for the analogy. I, too, love to watch the daddy-child interactions that go on in our house. Nothing compares. A father's love is priceless.

  2. Sam is an amazing man. Although he is too young to be my father, I sure wish I would have had a dad like him. My boys are so very, very blessed to have you and Sam for their parents. I love being able to continue to watch my adopted family walk through this life. I love seeing how your mind works and your heart strives to move towards as you obviously cherish these moments between father and son's, and the learning experience between you and Heavenly Father connects. It is so much easier to get to know Heavenly Father if one has a man such as Sam as an example. I promise you, we all had those same playful moments with Heavenly Father and Christ before coming to earth.


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