Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

(many photos attributed to my sister, Breanne)

It's tough to say what the best part of our Christmas celebration was...

Was it all the time spent with fun cousins?

Was it yummy Christmas Eve dinner?

Was it the darling nativity skit put on by the grandkids?

Or maybe the family talent show?

Opening presents is always great fun...

But watching my sister, Losaunne, open the many, many layers of wrapping, paper, boxes, and gorilla tape I used to wrap her socks (they're "Darn Tough" socks, so we figured we ought to make them "darn tough" to open...) was pretty entertaining.

Admittedly, watching the boys' (somewhat sleepy) excitement at what Santa brought them was more fun than staying up until 2 am watching Santa assemble 200+ parts without an instruction manual--only a picture to guide him!

 Opening gifts from each other on Christmas morning and leisurely enjoying our Christmas breakfast were lovely events.

But was seeing a beautiful new blanket of snow on Christmas morning even better?

Our Christmas-day celebration with Sam's family was splendid--gift-opening far too exciting for me to take any photos! (Whoops!)
But was it outdone by the fun we had in the backyard as willing family members pulled the boys around the yard on their new sleds?
But we all loved Talmage's very detailed re-telling of the nativity story.
And Grandma Sue's treasure hunt and playing Telestrations were awesome things, too!
(I am sad I wasn't better with the camera there--sorry!)

Having Aunt Breanne come visit from Washington, D.C. was pretty great--and I laughed so much as she convinced all her nieces and nephews that she was Aunt Breanne's look-alike, Aunt Molly. Just this morning Wesley saw a picture of her and said, "There's Molly!"

And our annual "sisters lunch" with this crazy-awesome group of ladies was basically non-stop laughter.

 Was the best part sledding on the hill near my parents' house?

One thing is clear, our Christmas celebrations revolved around family.
And celebrating the birth of He who made possible eternal families and the happy family relationships we now enjoy brings that magical spirit of Christmas into our homes and our hearts ever more deeply because we have the concrete reality, in front of us day-by-day, of the blessings of His Birth, Life, Atoning Sacrifice, and Resurrection.

We are so grateful for the beautiful family relationships we enjoy,
and the One who made this happiness possible.


  1. I love that "yummy Christmas Eve dinner" for Wesley = a roll. And also, it cracked me up that Wesley still calls me "Aunt Molly." Maybe they will remember when I come in June! :)

    1. I thought you might enjoy that. :) And already plans to come again?! Woohoo!

  2. What a fun Christmas and cute family! And I can totally tell whose kids belong to who, it's fun to see how much they all look like their parents- especially Corbin and Laura's little boy. I'm glad you had so much fun!

  3. What a fun holiday you had! I enjoyed seeing a picture of you with all your sisters. Gorgeous ladies.


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