Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When We Were Spies

Sam is better than me at just about everything.
Except wifely/motherly duties and playing the piano.
You'd think it would be annoying, but it really just makes me marvel at him all the more.
Generally, in our relationship, I initiate something mildly funny,
and then he responds in such a clever, witty way I could laugh until I cry.

Take our wedding cake, for instance.
My sister got married 2 weeks before me, and at her reception I said something about neat, tidy feedings being boring.
He plead with me to keep ours nice and not smash it into one another's faces.
So, on the evening of our wedding day
(yep, my hair really did look that flyaway by that point in the crazy day)
when we cut the cake and raised it to one another's mouths,
I teased just a little with a twinkle in my eye and put the cake barely to the side of his mouth.
The casual observer would have noticed nothing amiss--I meant it to be an inside joke as I respected his wishes and fed him his cake tidily.
(Blogger is saying that's a word, so we're going to go with it.)

But the next thing I knew he was smashing cake all over my face and mouth,
smearing frosting all over the place.
I was shocked and delighted.
And that's pretty much how things go between the two of us.
(And by the way, we laugh all the time about how diabolical he looks in this photo...
he was enjoying that way too much.)

As another example of his stellar responding ability,
consider the following.
Shortly after we were married, I sent Sam this e-mail:

Subject: raptopeion vleae kwor leary

*psh* Agent KWB89 calling Agent SWB85, Agent KWB89 calling Agent SWB85, Urgent Message:  It's a no go on Operation Leave Work Early. :( The leader of the cohort is leaving the scene prior to the appointed time. Alternative plans listed below. *psh*

Plan 642
Leave the location of scholastic achievement after the workday concludes and immediately depart for the temple around 5:30 from the Center Street stop.

Plan 643
Stay in the realms of academia and wait until the 5:50 shuttle arrives.

Plan 644
Facilitate our legs, and walk hand in hand in pocket up to our destination.

*psh* KWB89 to SWB85, please let me know what your decision is based on your stellar sense and perception of time management. Thank you. Good luck on the demonstration of scriptural knowledge you will heretofore perform. And, uh...I LOVE YOU! This is KWB89 signing off...*psh*

Like I said, mildly funny.
Then I got the following e-mail as a response.

Subject: Re: raptopeion vleae kwor leary

Dear Random House Subscriber,

Thank you for your recent purchase! Due to an overwhelming request for "Hooway for Wodney Wabbit," we will be unable to process your request at this time. Please contact us at a later time.

With apologies,
Random House Customer Service

*psh* KWB89,

Your message was code x-niner fuzzy (and warm) but I managed to catch it anyway. Ensure your device is not malfunctioning. I have employed codex measures SWB+KWB->JOY, revision 12.27.08 in order to ensure that this message is not detected by our enemies. Disregard the distantly preceding message above *psh*.  Plan 644 would place us with most rapidity but may lead to intolerable hypothermia. Please consult me further. I will meet you at coordinates ASB at 0-1700 hours unless informed otherwise *psh*.

Standard protocol dictates that I refrain from the following *psh*. Ensure the cohort leader does not intercept our message *psh*. You are the FUNNIEST GIRL I have ever known! I love you so much! I don't know how you come up with these things! I can't wait to see you later today...*psh*. Ahem *psh*. Carry on...

Equally matched or not,
I'd say we make a pretty good team. ;)


  1. You guys are super entertaining and it sounds like you have loads of fun ;)

  2. I loved this post. Always stay so playful with each other. It adds such a special element of fun to marriage. It's entertaining to hear about your relationship with Sam. I had no idea you two were so clever. Thanks for sharing.


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