Monday, December 29, 2014

Plain-O Sandwich

Wesley is at the age where he is saying funny things right and left.
The Wesley-story-of-the-day usually has us doubled over with laughter.
Today we were having Thai Curry for dinner, and we were attempting to make it sound really fun for our super-picky boys, but also offering the alternative of a sandwich (they don't usually get an alternative).
After building up how awesome Thai Curry was,
and talking about pretending dragons ate it and the like,
I asked Wesley, "Do you want Thai Curry??? Or do you want a plain old sandwich?"
He promptly replied, "I just want a normal sandwich. But I don't want any plain-o on it."

We had a beautiful Christmas and a most wonderful anniversary celebration.
Saturday marked 6 years for us!
Pictures and details will come later this week.
I hope you're enjoying the last few days of 2014!


  1. Haha, your little boys are so funny! I'm trying to remember what Talmage did yesterday in sharing time, but we were all giggling about it!

  2. Funny! I love this age where everything the little ones say is so hilarious. Adorable picture, too.

  3. I wouldn't want plain-o on my sandwich


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