Monday, December 8, 2014

Creative Energy

The weather here got really chilly overnight about mid-November,
and now that December has begun things have warmed up to beautiful October-weather!
The boys and I had to take advantage of one nice morning
and go draw with chalk.

I was so proud of Lincoln for lasting about 3 minutes without putting the chalk in his mouth,
but when I saw him with a mouthful we sadly had to watch his brothers from inside.
That baby is always getting his hands on crayons and the like and chewing them up and swallowing them. I'm not sure what he sees in them, but it makes me a nervous wreck.
We have rules in place to keep them away from him,
but he still manages to get ahold of them occasionally.
A couple of days ago he began choking on a crayon and when it didn't come up within a few seconds of gagging, he threw up all over the kitchen table where he was sitting.
I was relieved, but goodness!
I have to watch this kid like a hawk.

I simply love seeing my handsome little guys immersed in creative work.

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