Friday, November 21, 2014

Wanna-Be Farmgirl

I think I'm a wanna-be farmgirl.
Maybe it's because my mom grew up on a farm
and my dad had many farm experiences in his youth,
but there is something about the hard work and simplicity of the farm life that appeals to me.
I have this fantasy of someday owning a milk cow and a few chickens
and having an enormous garden and small orchard.
Somehow in my head, this all works with Sam being a university professor
and living in a tight-knit community close to neighbors.
Just the other day I convinced Sam that it would indeed be cool to have all of that
(he was a little hesitant about the cow part)
to teach these strapping young lads we have to work hard.
(Not to mention the fact that we can easily go through 4 gallons of milk per week even though I ration out their daily allowance!)

In the meantime, we have a little 1/5 acre yard
with two large trees that produced a surprising number of leaves.
With snow on the forecast in the upcoming days,
I knew we'd better get the yard ready for winter.

And as we began raking, I felt invigorated.
I kept thinking about how great yard-work is...
the boys get to run around the yard and "help" me as they desire,
the house stays clean since we're not in it,
I'm getting needed work done,
and it's often good exercise!

9 bulging trash bags and about 4 hours of raking later,
I was feeling thankful that we only live on 1/5 acre.
But, oh, that ache in my arms feels good!

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