Monday, November 3, 2014


We've been pretty lame about Halloween in years past.
It's just not the type of holiday Sam and I really have gone crazy over,
but last year we finally took the boys trick-or-treating,
and this year they got pretty enthusiastic about all of the Halloween things they saw leading up to the big day!
To add to the fun, my parents and brother and sister hosted a little Halloween party for the grandkids on the morning of Halloween.

First up was storytime, featuring the Bernstein Bears, Clifford, and even original characters in a book Avalon put together!

After storytime, the kids gathered around the table to make some pumpkin faces.

And after that fun, the gang headed out into the front yard,
each with their own individual canister of silly string in hand!
It took a while for them to wrap their heads around the idea of making a huge mess in the yard,
but once they did they were enthusiastic participants!

Aunt Avalon then led the group on a treasure hunt,
finding and following clues around the house and yard.

The kids were thrilled with their spoils they found!

Grandpa spooked the grandkids by putting on the freaky monster mask he's owned for over 30 years.
I've probably traumatized Lincoln for life as I made him sit on the scary monster's lap,
and while he screamed I took pictures instead of saving him.
(Can you believe I wore that to a Halloween party in high school? I was embarrassed when all the other girls came in dressed as princesses and gypsies and all kinds of "pretty" characters, while I hid in my mask in the think I had no idea at the time it was unusual!)
Avalon made a darling Belle (she has a little more social awareness than I apparently did),
and Bronson thrilled his nephews with his Captain America props.

Thomas, on the other hand, had no qualms about his grandpa's new appearance.

And Kayla was just plain cute about it all.

After the treasure hunt, it was down to the kitchen for an adorable Halloween lunch!
Jack-o-Lantern cheese sandwiches, rice crispy spiders, and "pumpkin juice."

After watching a Curious George Halloween special,
it was time to get the kids home for naps to prep them for their fun evening of trick-or-treating!

It sure is a good thing we have brave superheroes to protect us
from such a fierce little dragon.

 And wrestling is twice as cool when you incorporate your super powers!

I just could not get over this kid running around with his spikes and tail.

Aunt Avalon came over to help me take the kids around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating while Sam handed out candy at home.
Our neighborhood was awesome!--Hot dogs, doughnuts, smoke machines, lights, and even a projector and screen set up with chairs on the driveway to watch Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin." And candy. Lots and lots of candy.

All in all, the kids had a great time walking up and down the street
and I'm sure they are already looking forward to next year's festivities!

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