Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wesley is Three!

Wesley was thrilled to finally get his turn for a birthday last Wednesday!
We started the day off right with chocolate chip pancakes and peach-orange smoothies.

He requested a football cake.
I'm no cake artist, but he was happy with the end result.
It was a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a homemade Reese's peanut butter cup filling. The footballs on the top and sides are peanut butter cups as well, shaped into footballs and covered in chocolate.

After his birthday dinner of pasta (easy to please),
he was so excited to open presents!
Some of our extended family came over and joined the party.

He was thrilled about these transformers my family gave him.
I didn't know he even knew what transformers are!
Evidently his cousins have taken the "cool" factor to a new level. :)

And here he is with his gifts from us!
His sword, shield, and cape have gotten plenty of use,
and he was happy about his "worker hat" and concrete mixer.
I was happy to find some great books at the DI again!
(Okay, let's be honest, the hard hat and concrete mixer were DI finds as well...we've been doing the grad school budget for so long, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to shop like a normal person. Thankfully our kids aren't discerning yet.)
Stone Soup (BEST version!)
He wants me to read them to him all the time.

This little superhero brings so much joy into our lives every day!

-He loves sports. If it involves a ball, Wesley is super enthusiastic about it. He's really good at playing baseball with Sam and can hit the ball pretty far!

-He also loves hiking. When we go for a hike, Wesley pretty much just runs the trail. He seems to have an endless supply of energy!

-Talmage is his best bud. When Talmage is gone, Wesley's personality totally changes and he seems to wilt. Hopefully he'll get over that in coming months and years!

-Riding trikes makes him so happy, and he is really looking forward to learning to ride a two-wheeler. He is always pulling out the little two-wheeler we have and asking me to help him ride. I've convinced him to ask Santa for some training wheels.

-He is incredibly picky about food, and it is next to impossible to get him to try something. But when he tries it, he generally does like it at least well enough to have a few bites!

-He loves reading books. If he is ever sad, reading a book is a sure way to cheer him up.

-He loves construction vehicles and trains (although they have taken a backseat to swords and shields thanks to big brother's influence), and he is convinced he wants to be a construction worker when he grows up.

-He still loves going anywhere away from home and asks just about every morning, "Mommy, where are we going?"

-He has the brightest smile and says things in a way that makes everyone he meets love him. I am so thankful for our sunshine boy, his bright blue eyes, his muscular little body, and his happy disposition.

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  1. Wow, Wesley looks so old in the first picture! I love his grin. :)


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