Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Udderly Hilarious

This morning I opened the fridge to find that Sam had left me some "punny" messages on the milk carton.

(Wesley says "dairy" instead of "very.")
I wrote him an e-mail thanking him for the notes and included a few milk puns of my own.
He wrote back and included the following:
" I was trying to think of more things to write on the milk carton, but "lactose" and "lactoglobulin" and "alpha-lactalbumin" were the words that came to my mind and didn't easily make puns...!"

There is nothing like a little nerdy scientist humor to brighten my day.

PS-Our Wesley-boy is 3 today!


  1. hahaha sounds just like jordan... using witty scientist humor!
    You guys are so cute!

    1. Hahaha, I love it! Thanks for all your sweet comments! So great to hear from ya. I love keeping up with you on your blog!


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