Friday, October 17, 2014

Hiking and Snail Shells

We're planning on a repeat of this for tonight.

We have a goal to go on a date weekly
and go on two family outings per month.
Thank you, mountains, for making that more feasible!

Yesterday Talmage decided to make Wesley a collection of tiny snail shells
he found in an area of the yard.
He worked painstakingly for maybe 30 minutes gathering bunches of shells
and putting them in a bucket.
When Wesley woke up from his nap, Talmage presented him with his "collection."
A few minutes later I heard Talmage say, "I'm sorry, Wes, but Lincoln ate some of your collection."
I went out to Lincoln and swiped my finger through his mouth.
Sure enough, shards of chewed up snail shells covered my finger.
Diatomaceous earth, ha! Who needs it when you can just eat snail shells?
That kid's eating habits are seriously getting out of hand!

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!

PS-A close-up of the ant farm has been requested...check Monday's post to see pictures. :)

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  1. There should really be a "like" button for blog posts. Also, Lincoln eating the snail shell is hilarious!


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