Friday, September 26, 2014

Dandelions and Diamonds

A couple of days ago, Talmage came running up to me excitedly
and presented me with a dandelion he had tied into a ring.
"I made a ring for you, Mommy!!"
he told me with great enthusiasm.
His glowing smile was evidence that he had no idea he was giving me a wilting weed;
he genuinely thought there was exquisite beauty in that ring he had worked to fashion.

As I thanked him profusely and slipped it onto my finger,
I delighted in his sincerity and enthusiasm about his simple offering.

I thought about how often we give "dandelion rings" to God--
we put forth our best effort and make sacrifices, sometimes considering their worth to be that of diamonds.
And then the Lord looks at our simple offering and appreciates and loves us
because of the efforts we made,
regardless of how insignificant they may be in the presence of His omnipotence.
He rejoices in the fact that we are trying,
that we are learning and growing.

And in the end, whether the results have been dandelions or diamonds,
God will reward us because of our efforts and intents
and sanctify us and make us more than we could ever be alone.

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