Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Time-Part 4

We had a great time on Sunday,
attending Church and having a quiet afternoon together.
Monday morning we packed everything up
and headed out for one last adventure before Avalon's flight left.
I've been wanting to visit Bayou Wildlife Park since we moved here 5 years ago,
and I'm so happy we got the chance before we left!

It's a zoo, of sorts, with many varieties of exotic animals roaming around wildly,
unrestricted by cages.
(Well, some of the animals in the petting zoo are behind cages.)
This goat(?) with super long ears was adorable.

And Mom, you will be happy to know that there are several giraffes now.
When my family visited 18ish years ago, there was just one lonely giraffe
with a sign asking for donations to buy him a companion.

In fact, this giraffe was due to have a baby any day! Isn't she pretty?
I can't get over those adorable eyelashes.

After playing at the petting zoo for a while, it was time for the tram ride to see the other animals.

This zonkey was one of the more unusual animals we saw.

Most of the animals will walk right up to the tram and stick their heads in for food.

Wesley laughed so hard to watch the ostriches pecking at the food.
I believe his exclamation when re-capping our visit to Daddy was, 
"Some animals just doinked it right up!"

So many beautiful species of deer! The smallest ones were only about as tall as my knee.

The boys were so excited to see a real-live "Llama-Llama," just like in some of their favorite books.

This guy looked like he could be in Star Wars with those 4 horns!

They match!

And then came the camels...oh, the camels.
My family loves re-telling the story of our experience here when the camel stuck its head in,
grabbed my sister's bucket of food with its teeth,
tipped it up into the air to empty the contents into his mouth,
and tossed the empty bucket onto the ground, which was littered with empty buckets from other poor, unsuspecting tourists.

So we were excited to see the camels this time and see if they were up to the same tricks.

But apparently they've moved on from stealing buckets.

This guy stuck his head in, totally ignored the buckets of food, and started nuzzling up to this poor woman!

...And then he suddenly turned his head and BIT HER ON THE SHOULDER!!!
I just happened to catch the camel in the act.
The entire tram bonded over that ridiculous camel--we could not stop laughing!
(The poor victim included...once the camel was gone she found it rather amusing.)
I even got their e-mail addresses so I could send them these photos.

Beware the camels! The horses were more friendly. This one took a special liking to Avalon.

And the boys loved their short rides.

What a great way to end our visit with Avalon!
We drove from the park to the airport and got passes to go back to the gate with her.
After selecting some souvenirs
(pen or BBQ-flavored dried crickets??)
she was good to go, and as she boarded the plane the boys said loud good-byes about 27 times,
much to the delight of the other passengers.

And Talmage cried for the next 20-30 minutes.
He wants Aunt Av to live with us.
Now he tells me, "I'm still sad, but I don't have tears coming down...just in my heart."
Avalon sure was good to us!


  1. Wow, you got some great pictures! I love the picture of all of us on the tram. And the one at the end with Talmage and Wesley holding hands. :) So cute!

  2. That camel. The story's even funnier now that I see the pictures! And Wesley says the funniest things.


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