Friday, July 25, 2014

Sister Time-Part 3

The third day Avalon was with us was kind of a lame day.
We had planned to go to the beach, but rainy weather ruined that idea.
We ended up hanging out at home most of the day,
watching the boys re-enact scripture stories rather hilariously,
and braving H-E-B on a Friday evening (not the brightest idea).

I had to have a little photo shoot with Avalon before she entertained the boys on the trampoline while I made dinner!

And we had to enjoy some classic Blue Bell after dinner.

The next day (Saturday), we had a free, 90-minute boat tour scheduled,
so we dropped Sam off at work and headed over to the Port of Houston.
The tour was moderately interesting.
It got a little long (lots of industrial scenery),
but the boys thought riding on a boat was pretty cool.

I loved that they had an indoor lounge with padded seats and big windows.
Pretty much everyone went out on the deck, and then I could let the boys run around without worrying about them. They even served free soft drinks!

We saw a ton of really huge ships and cranes with their various cargo.

We eventually went out on the deck for a few minutes of the ride.

Love this.

After the boat tour was over, we decided to re-visit the plan to take a trip to the beach.
After terrible traffic and other issues (I'll spare you the details),
we finally got out of the car hours later to play for an hour or two.

But these boys had so much fun it was worth the frustrations on the way,
even for a short visit!
Wesley loved jumping over the waves.

Talmage's activity of choice was sandcastle-building.

And Lincoln was a little machine, crawling furiously through the water and throwing seaweed out of his path without missing a beat.

I succeeded in making it look like the beach wasn't crowded. Ha.

The boys rather enjoyed the idea of burying Aunt Av's legs--
especially after a random man suddenly walked up to us,
dumped about 10 beach toys down on the sand,
and stated, "You need more toys!"
He then walked off and I never saw him again.

We ended the day with showers, a movie night, and pancakes for dinner.
We were so glad for the chance to visit the beach one more time before we leave Houston!
(Less than one month remaining, and we still don't know where we're going!
But with one official offer and two others pending, we're getting closer!
Sam's last interview is next week!)


  1. The beaches are beautiful in Connecticut...

  2. I you really think any beach can compete with deserted Quintana Beach, complete with withered jellyfish lining the shore?? ;)


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