Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lame Jokes

Tonight as I was cutting Sam's hair,
he decided we should tell each other our own original jokes.
Have you ever tried that?
It's harder than I realized. Joke writers have a tough job!
Here is a sampling of our silliness:

What did one lawn say to the other?
You live on the edge!

One seamstress said to another, I can sew a pinwheel quilt!
The other seamstress replied, "Sew what?"

Several foods were getting ready for the food talent show. The apples were doing acrobatics, the bread was going to be reciting poetry. Then up walked a piece of cake, and the bread asked the cake what talent she had. "Icing," she replied.

Why did the whisk go to the principal's office?
Because he beat someone up.

What is a computer's favorite food?

Yup, we're that cool.

In other news, these photos are from when Lincoln loved stuffing his mouth full of bananas. Now he prefers to spit them out and smear them everywhere.


  1. Hmm...good to know. Guess Sam should just stick with bioinformatics. ;)


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