Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Civic Duty

A few months ago, the city dropped off enormous recycling bins at each house in Pearland.
The city of Pearland doesn't provide roll-out garbage cans
(and after seeing how fast Texas bugs infest our garbage can in the garage, we can see why),
but these recycling bins are at least as large.

There was recently an election for the mayor of Pearland,
and as I was reading over the current mayor's interview,
I was amused as they asked him what thing surprised him the most
and he said it surprised him how angry some people were about the recycling bins.
I guess it's too hard to find a place to put such a large bin?

In any case, Talmage is my great little recycler.
And recycling is always more fun when the box can be your crown on your way to the bin.

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