Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mouth Full of Bubbles

This is my great-great grandmother, Harriett Eliza Cordon Chandler.
When her son, Reuel, was just 2 years old she was making soap and he swallowed some lye she was using. His lips and throat immediately began to swell, and soon his airway was completely cut off.
Her husband was away on a mission, and as she saw the urgency of the situation she told her 12-year-old son, "We need to pray!"
He frantically told her he would go get a neighbor to give a blessing, but she told him there simply wasn't time and they needed to pray right then.
So together they prayed, and miraculously, great-great-Uncle Reuel's mouth and throat stopped swelling and shrank back down to their normal size, making it possible for him to breathe again.

I love telling my kids stories about their ancestors, and they are fascinated by them.
I've shared the above story with them, and evidently it stuck.
We were making bubble snakes a few days ago
(just cut off the bottom of a water bottle,
slide a sock on and secure it, 
dip in a little dish soap with water
and blow!)
and Talmage made the awful mistake of sucking in while his mouth was on the water bottle.
He got a rather large mouthful of bubbles and as he coughed and spluttered
and spat and rinsed,
he worriedly asked, "But Mommy!!! What if there's lye in it???"

I assured him it was okay, and he lay down on the couch with a stomach ache while Wesley and I made bubble snakes alone.
Poor kid.
Pretty amazing story, though, right?!

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  1. I love that last picture! And I love the story, too.


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