Monday, June 23, 2014

Words from the Wise

Sometimes it's hard to blog every weekday.
As much as I love it,
motherhood usually consists of a lot of the same things done over and over.
It's been an interesting experience to try to find something blog-worthy every day.
Today I almost missed my goal!

When Sam and I started dating, I discovered a habit he had
of carrying a small notebook around with him and writing down inspirational quotes he heard or insights he had throughout the day.
I decided to copy him, so I picked up a cute notebook from the BYU bookstore and began carrying it around with me everywhere. I would write in it frequently and read it during short waiting periods.

Last night I pulled out that first notebook and began flipping through the pages.
I thought I'd share a few quotes I enjoyed re-reading:

-"There is no opposition that we experience in life that isn't meant to translate into joy."
(President Hirschi, a member of my college stake presidency)

-"Every good quality we possess is an expression of God's love and Fatherhood."
(Samuel Brady)

-"Pondering takes things from the mind to the heart."
(Kent Brooks, professor)

-"Generate light instead of heat."
(Fred E. Woods, professor)

-"Fear and force have no place in the Kingdom because they do not produce moral actions, and are contrary to God's gift"
(General Handbook of Instructions, 1963)

-"Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
(Joseph F. Smith)

-"The things we put into our souls define our character and individual identity."
(Elder Robert R. Steuer)

-"Character is not developed in moments of great trial or temptation--that is when it is used."
(Elder Richard G. Scott)

-"We don't deserve anything, but if we receive a blessing, we are worthy of it. There's a difference between deserving something and being worthy of it."
(Samuel Brady)

-"If we aim at self-fulfillment, we will never be fulfilled."
(J. Matthew Shumway, professor)

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