Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Such an Awful, Boring Chore

Tuesday is supposed to be bathroom cleaning day.
I really, really don't like to clean the bathrooms.
I like cleaning in general (washing dishes is my favorite chore), but I kind of despair when bathroom cleaning time comes along, and I'm far too good at finding reasons to put it off.

Last week I was finally cleaning the bathrooms late at night,
and Sam came in and attempted to steal the cleaner and finish the job.
I was was too quick and snatched it away before he could get it,
and then in the midst of the dispute, I said, "Let's race!!"

He ran out of the room to the other bathroom and started frantically cleaning
before the terms of the game were in place.
I called out instructions as I raced to clean the counter and sink
and steal the glass cleaner to slow him down.
I erupted into laughter when he attempted to clean the toilet with the duster.

Looks like I should delegate bathroom cleaning to Sam more often.

He laughed along with me and asked if I still wanted his help.
I told him it reminded me of a Shel Silverstein poem:

If you have to wash the dishes,
Such an awful, boring chore,
If you have to wash the dishes
'Stead of going to the store,
If you have to wash the dishes
And you drop one on the floor,
Maybe they won't let you wash the dishes anymore!

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