Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good Reads

Books are about the only non-essential item I frequently buy.
We love to get stacks of them from garage sales
and we try to buy at least one each week from the library.
We have lots and lots of favorites--here are some we've been enjoying lately.

This adorable book features a porcupine who is discontented with his unusual name--until he meets a rhino with a name just as goofy.

We love the Dinosaurs series (along with just about every other American kid). The pictures are hilarious and the rhymes are catchy. And each dinosaur's name is hidden in the picture!

My boys love that this book has a knight in it.
I love the moral it teaches.

The Llama-Llama books are as fun to read as they are to hear!

This clever wordless book features a group of children who find a bag of magic chalk and get themselves into a bit of trouble when they draw pictures that come to life.

Since it's a Caldecott winner, you'd think it would be more popular, but even the librarian didn't know about this book. It was one of my favorites as a child!

Good old Tacky. I loved this book as a child and I still love it--and the lesson that we can appreciate everyone even if they seem a bit strange.

This is such a sweet story about a pig who feels left-out because he can't lay eggs or fly like his farm friends. One day he finds a turnip and thinks it is his egg--and the "baby" that comes out of it and learns to fly is such a fun surprise.

This book was read to me many times when I was a child--it didn't help my picky eating, but I did love it, and my kids do, too! This story of a goat who only wants to eat nutritious foods is fun for all ages.

Mr. Plumbean teaches that we should chase our dreams and not worry excessively about being just like everyone else.

Who doesn't love this book? Although, as a parent, I get a pit in my stomach when I think of poor Sylvester and his parents' misery when they couldn't find him. This is a timeless story.

We have many of Dr. Seuss' books, but this one is our favorite. Horton teaches in such a noble way to be "faithful, one hundred percent!"

Maybe people are more familiar with this movie than the book, but the book is wonderfully entertaining.

This alphabet book features pictures of rocks the author found on a Florida beach. It's so clever! The letter 'k' took her years to find.

I haven't read this one to my kids yet, but I remember loving the tale of a girl who convinces the greedy emperor to give her a grain of rice--doubled each day for a month. It's such a fun math book!

So, now that I've shared some of our recent favorites, what are some of yours?


  1. Ooh, thanks for this one. We know and love some of these already (my favorite dinosaur one is How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You, but good night is another treasure). I'm going to have to find some of the others. My kids newest old discovery is Madeline. I also am totally in love with The Giant Jam Sandwich. I guess we're on a couplet kick these days.

  2. We checked out The Giant Jam Sandwich a few months ago and the kids loved it! Also, have you read Anatole? It's another French picture book from long ago, and it's really cute. It's about a mouse who wanted to give back to the people he stole cheese from. I forgot to mention Actual Size and Biggest, Strongest, Fastest. Those books are fascinating--are you acquainted with them?

  3. I need to check those out. Also on our list is anything by Kevin Henkes - I totally adore A Good Day, one of my all time favorites. And My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. Apparently we talk a lot about feelings, haha.


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