Thursday, June 19, 2014

Build a Fort

My sister and I used to build forts every Sunday night before a Monday holiday.
And sleep in them.
And usually wake up in the night with half of the fort collapsed on our faces
and sore muscles from sleeping in our tight, awkward quarters.

It was a highlight of my childhood.
(And to be honest, this spanned into my teenage years as well.)
Lucky me--I get to teach these little ones the wonder of fort-building!!


  1. Lucky your kids. That's a pretty awesome fort - my kids just have to make their own, and they could use some pointers...

  2. Is there a Monday holiday tomorrow???? ;)

  3. No Monday holiday tomorrow...guess that's why they didn't get to sleep in it and mean old Mom made them take it down before nap time. Scratch that, mean old Mom took it down herself before naptime. :)

  4. I just noticed your blanket - did you get that for your wedding? Does it have your names on it and your wedding date? I think we have the same one. I love seeing our twinner wedding gifts show up from time to time!

  5. Yup, that's one we got for our wedding! By the way, I've been browsing houses for rent/sale in the Salt Lake area (in case we end up heading there), and I saw a house on your same street for sale. If you guys weren't planning to move soon we could totally be next-door neighbors! Goodness, I'm so ready to know for sure where we're going so I can start planning. Sam defends his thesis August 11!


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