Friday, May 9, 2014

When Sam Called Me an Ox

Sam and I were kind of dating when he left to go to El Salvador for 2 months.
He got back the night before Fall semester began, and the first day
I rode my bike to campus (uphill all the way) with all of my textbooks in my backpack.
My roommates were impressed with my extremely heavy backpack
as I ended up not being able to leave them in a locker on campus as I had hoped
and had to haul them all home again.

When Sam found out, he immediately offered to drive me to campus the following day.
The next morning, as he picked up my backpack to put it in the car,
he exclaimed with surprise, "Wow!! You're an ox!"
I still, after 5 1/2 years, can't get over that one.
It makes me laugh every time.

He made many more attempts to compare me to animals
over the course of the next few months,
and all provided lots of laughter and lots of cause to tease him.
He finally abandoned his strategy to win me over with animal metaphors
and just told me he loved me. :)


  1. Bahahaha!! I'm just getting caught up with your blog (which has been so fun!), and this made me laugh out loud. I totally remember this!


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