Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sam's Birthday

 We had a nice day celebrating Sam's birthday.
He arranged things in his lab so he could actually stay home on Memorial Day
and we celebrated together all day!
Highlights of the day:
-birthday pancake breakfast
-a pile of German chocolate (thanks, Amanda!)
-new birthday tradition of hiding gifts
-opening presents, including this book (what would we do without Amazon 1-cent books?)
-free Firehouse sub
-playing at the Splash Pad
-free lunch from Gringo's (best Tex-Mex restaurant ever!)
-naptime for the WHOLE family
-visiting our friend in the nursing home (her husband was a veteran)
-Almond Joy birthday cake
-beautiful rainy weather--the birthday boy's favorite
I didn't attempt to fit 29 candles on his birthday cake; I just put a group of 2 and then a group of 9.
My scientist/computer programmer told me it would be cool if I put the candles on his cake in binary code
and the lit ones could be 1s and the unlit ones could be 0s.

I just stuck with what I had done.

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