Friday, May 2, 2014

A Policeman in the Shadows

On Wednesday night, just before 11 pm, the doorbell rang.
Sam and I exchanged concerned glances, and he went to answer.

It was the police.

"Did you call?" the policeman inquired.
Sam indicated that he had not, and the policeman said they got a call
and they weren't sure if it was us or our neighbors.
"Have you seen anything...strange...happening?" he continued.
"No, what's going on?" Sam responded.

The policeman exercised his right to remain silent on the issue,
bade Sam goodnight, and then left.

A bit unsettling, right?

I spied on the police cars through the cracks in the blinds
as they sat parked near our house for 45 minutes or so and took pictures of the neighboring building.
They finally left a little before midnight,
and then I got to enjoy a crazy dream about bad guys lurking around our house.

They better watch out, though, because we have some pretty fierce warriors residing here.

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