Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome Home and a Midnight Snack

As I type this, a certain very handsome scientist
is flying about 10,000 feet above my head,
soon to be landing in Houston!
He's spent the last 5 days in beautiful San Diego
attending the annual AACR cancer conference.
Can I just say it's an amazing time to be alive?
Sam is currently working on things from a bioinformatics angle--
the merging of biology and computer programming.

One presentation he attended talked about the future of medicine and how researchers are working on developments that would allow, for example, a parent to take a picture of a child's rash with an iPhone, use an app to answer questions and analyze the photo, and then get further instructions, such as "your child needs a urine test." A device could then be hooked to the iPhone to test the urine and a conclusion would be drawn, such as "your child has a urinary tract infection and needs antibiotics."

Isn't that amazing??
We don't know exactly where our path is headed in terms of a future career,
but there are so many incredible possibilities on the horizon.

Sam also presented his research at a poster session.
He flies with his posters in large tubes, and the other day
Wesley pulled out last year's poster tube from the closet and said,
"WHOA! Is this a kaleidoscope??"

He has got quite the little personality.
Today he wanted me to do something right away,
and I told him it would be just a minute.
He yelled at me, "NOW! NOW or I will DESTROY THE HOUSE!"

I am one happy girl to be getting Sam back.
I wanted to make him a "welcome home" treat to celebrate, but
a) he's off sweets for the month and
b) he won't be home until midnight or so.

So we will be enjoying a midnight snack of his favorite pico de gallo, "welcome home" style.
It's almost like cake, right?


  1. Did you write that with sour cream?

  2. No, frosting! :) Yes, it was sour cream. I guess I'm a pessimist because it's tilting down?

  3. I love it! Wesley is hilarious. :)


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