Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Best Part of the Day

Over the past few years, we've tried many different methods of family scripture study.
Finally, about 6 months ago, we discovered a method of studying the scriptures
that has worked better than I ever hoped.
Each night, after our routine of
brush teeth
illustrated scripture story
and prayers,
we tuck the boys into bed with a stack of picture books
(they seem to learn better when they're multi-tasking)
and we read aloud from the Book of Mormon for 15-20 minutes.

I've been surprised as the boys have listened attentively,

asked thoughtful questions,
and retained details from the stories we are reading.

Some of that retention is demonstrated in rather humorous ways:

-When Talmage was 2, he was having an incredibly difficult morning. I asked him if he would like to spend some time in his room to cool off and he shouted at me, "NO! I'm being mean like Nehor!"

-On one of our return flights from Utah, Talmage began repeatedly declaring to the woman next to us, "Wickedness never was happiness!" As he ate his goldfish snack, he modified the scripture and began telling her, "Wicked fish never was happy fish!"

-A few months ago I told Talmage that we were going to save some food for Sam. He replied, "We're going to lay it up?" (As in 'lay it up' from Jacob 5.)

-Talmage was angry one morning and he told me, "Now I'm wroth!"

-When I read that Alma taught the people the words of Abinadi, Talmage said, "That means he told them, 'I say unto you, Nay!' (as in Mosiah 13:26)

-The other day Talmage wanted to have his own Title of Liberty, so I strung his blanket onto his toy broomstick and he went outside to wave it around. Since the blanket was quite heavy, it wasn't blowing around as much as he had evidently envisioned. A gust of wind came up and he excitedly hollered a prayer: "Send more wind so my Title of Liberty will blow out straight!!"

We're looking forward to having our family party when we finish the Book of Mormon together!

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