Monday, April 7, 2014

Tender Mercies and a Blow Dryer

This morning I flipped the switch on my blow dryer and nothing happened.
It is officially dead.
This got me thinking about the unusual circumstances surrounding the acquisition of this simple object about 5 1/2 years ago.

Sam and I were married on the 27th of December, and gifts from many well-wishers came before our wedding because they knew they would not be coming to the reception for one reason or another.

One such gift came from my dad's secretary.

Sam and I visited my parents one evening and they handed us a stack of gifts that had arrived. As we opened the gift from his secretary, I was somewhat confused.
She had given us a blow dryer.
While this is a very useful household item, it is not one I would typically think of giving to a newlywed couple. I shrugged, set it aside, and didn't think much else about it.
Until a few days after our wedding when my blow dryer happened to break.

Did I mention funds were extremely tight because of paying housing deposits, selling former housing contracts, and taking care of all of the miscellaneous things that come to a new couple?

I don't know what her thoughts were as she gave us the blow dryer,
but I like to think she felt oddly impressed to give us this unusual gift,
thereby acting as a servant of God to bless us with His tender mercies.

Because He cares about the intimate details in our lives,
even down to my frizzy hair that desperately needs a blow dryer to look semi-decent.

He loves us completely, and wants us to be happy.

So it is with fondness that I bid my old blow dryer farewell
and recognize the hand of God in even the minute details of my life.

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