Monday, April 21, 2014

An Unpleasant Easter Surprise

We had a low-key, but happy Easter celebration together as a family.
After Church, a (somewhat) traditional Easter dinner
was followed by a simple Easter devotional.
On Saturday, I planned a very small egg hunt for the boys in the backyard.
As I've mentioned before, our yard is more like a huge field,
filled with bristly weeds and terrible bugs.

(Once we were visiting Utah and Talmage lay down in my parents' yard
and squealed with delight,
"Look, Mommy! I'm LAYING on the grass!"
These poor children have no idea what they're missing!)

But I digress.

I thought I was being very economical as I purchased one bag
of mini Oreos and put two in each egg.
I scattered them around the yard,
and as the boys hunted for them I delighted in their excitement
as they ran from egg to egg, dodging fire ant hills in the process.

We went in the house to reveal the spoils,
and sat down in the living room and began opening eggs.
Suddenly I screamed as I opened an egg and dumped a swarm of fire ants in my lap.
I looked into the bag and found ants crawling over the eggs in a frenzy.
I frantically swatted my arms and pants and tried to salvage the Oreos before my poor children were covered in blistering bites.
I guess in the 10 minutes the eggs were in the grass
the ants crawled in the tiny holes in each egg
and began a sumptuous Oreo feast.

I finally determined my efforts were sufficient and tied up the bag with a few remaining eggs and tossed it in the garage.

Interestingly, the boys didn't bat an eye through the process.
Evidently they are used to invasions of bugs.
I'm not sure this is a good thing.

I was reminded of the year the Easter Bunny hid my sister's basket
behind the curtains on a window sill when we lived in another suburb of Houston as children.
I think she was traumatized for life when she discovered her basket
and found that sugar ants (at least they weren't fire ants)
had beat her to it.
Her basket was completely infested with ants!
I think somehow the Easter Bunny saved face with some leftovers
he had conveniently left my parents.

Ah, Texas...


  1. Sicko. I hope you didn't get bit. I found a house centipede yesterday stuck to a mouse sticky trap in my house. It was also an unpleasant Easter surprise...but luckily it wasn't in my food!

  2. Bronson's Easter basket was hidden behind the couch, but it was next to an outside wall, and ants were eating his peeps. I'm sure he was happy it wasn't fire ants!


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