Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Creative Boy

I marvel at the creativity I see in children.
Like when they spell their name with Jenga blocks
or make a cast out of a coloring book cover and then sleep with it on.
On Sunday, Talmage told me he knows everything.
In a subtle attempt to humble him, I replied, "Oh, really? What is 72 divided by 9?"
He thought for a moment and then confidently replied, "8!"
His lucky guess (NO he can't divide!) did nothing to deflate his 4-year-old ego.

Also, there is just something about a freshly bathed little chub...
don't you just want to squish him??


  1. I made the whole alphabet out of pipe cleaners once, and I thought that was hard. His name out of jenga blocks blows me away!

  2. I'm amazed that your child already knows how to divide at age 4. Seriously. Or he has the best lucky guesses in the world.


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