Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Highlights of the weekend:
-Me getting violently ill and rescheduling our Pi Day celebration
-Laying on the couch, too sick to get up, coaching Talmage on how to make his own peanut butter sandwich
-Talmage complaining of a sick stomach
-Lincoln with a cold and teething
-Wesley acting perfectly normal and then suddenly projectile vomiting a LOT...all over Lincoln (the poor baby was covered from head-to-toe!)
-Looking out the window and discovering a front-loader sitting 10 feet from our house in our backyard
-Watching our huge palm tree being removed by said front-loader (I guess the landlord decided it was getting too big?)
-The kids and I living on popsicles, apple juice, and ginger ale
-Filing taxes

Was your weekend as exciting as mine?
Here's to hoping this week is full of a different kind of excitement.


  1. Ick! But I do hope you got a picture of Lincoln all covered - it'll be good for embarrassing both boys some day. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Haha! I was pretty proud of myself for actually caring more about Lincoln's discomfort than a photo-op at that moment. We're doing much better now, though!


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