Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rule Breaker

Today was grocery day.

It's always quite the undertaking as I strap Lincoln into the baby Bjorn,
convince Wesley to sit down in the child-seat in the cart,
and persuade Talmage to hop on the bottom bar of the cart as we parade through the parking lot.

With three little boys and a cart full of groceries,
the comment I get almost every grocery trip is,
"Wow! You've got your hands full!"

I use the response I read from another busy young mom--
"Yep! Full of good things!"

I consider myself a rule-follower, but since having kids I seem to break a lot of rules.
Rules like this one:


  1. Around here, those little plastic covers are usually broken. I figure if the rule itself is already broken, I'm in the clear, right? ;)

  2. I can't believe you were posting on this blog for a whole month and I just barely found out about it. Did I tell you I just read almost your entire old blog's archives because I was so bored with the same post at the top of your blog? :) Looks beautiful. I'm glad to hear you will be posting every day. It almost motivates me to do the same...

  3. I'm sorry! I was configuring things and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm really going with it, so I didn't really tell people about it. I needed to figure out if it would stick. I would LOVE to see daily posts from you! In a way it's easier because you never have to decide to do it...it's just a given.

    And Jocilyn, you're too funny. :) Seriously though, I break rules all the time. "No carts in restrooms?" I'd rather risk the anger of management than let my little ones down on the grimy floor. Same with dressing rooms.


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