Thursday, March 20, 2014

FREE Photo Book!

As a teenager, I loved scrapbooking.
I imagined that I would have so much fun scrapbooking for my children as a mother.
But alas, we live in the digital age, and I quickly realized
that I took WAY too many photos of my children to scrapbook them all
and I was having a hard time picking and choosing.
Reality also hit and I realized that I didn't exactly have hours of leisure time to spend cutting and pasting.

So when a friend shared the idea of making a photo book each year for her kids, I loved it!
Shutterfly has been the company I have primarily used because of all their great deals.
I have been able to get all of the photo books I have made free or almost free,
and I absolutely love the result.

Their options are incredible and everything is fully customizable.
My boys have loved being able to look through picture books all about them!

I'm not being paid by Shutterfly to promote their products--I genuinely love them!
And I wanted to share a deal I saw today:
up through Tuesday (March 25, 2014), enter the code STORYTIME
and receive a free 8x8 hard cover photo book
take $29.99 off a larger size.



  1. Thanks for sharing! I wanted to ask you if you do calendar year or age year, but now I realize it's by age (duh!). Also, do you get all of yours the same size or just whichever one you can get for a deal? And, can you work on making the books over a longer time, then order them when the deal is available, or do you have to make and order it right away? Love this idea!

    1. So far all of mine have been 8x8 (which is a nice size, even though it sounds small) because those are the ones that are generally free. I figured by the time all is said and done and my kids are grown they will have books of a variety of sizes and from an assortment of companies, so I'm not stressing it too much. With Shutterfly you can make the books whenever you want and then just order when the deal comes along. That's a really smart thing to do or you'll be like me and be up until midnight on the last day trying frantically to get it done so you can get the deal. :)


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