Monday, February 3, 2014

Faith of a Child

Thunder terrifies Talmage.

And living in Houston entails experiencing a lot of thunder.

One night a while back the thunder was crashing quite loudly and the boys were in bed. Talmage began to cry and begged me to stay in his room with him. I obliged and sat down in his room, listening to the storm outside and thinking...

Thinking about my boy and how all he needed to be comforted was to know that I was there. He didn't need me to make the problem go away. He simply needed my presence to make everything better.

Is my faith that strong? Do I trust that everything will be okay when I simply know God is there beside me? He is always accessible and I know His hand is continually present in my life.

Yet sometimes I fear.

At times I forget and dwell on anxious thoughts instead of letting the comfort and peace of His presence wash over me and lift me up regardless of what storms may rage around me.

Sleep in peace, little one. May you always have the faith of a child.

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