Friday, November 1, 2013

Growing Like a Weed!

Today was Lincoln's 2-month appointment.
Or so I thought.
I got to the doctor's office and they couldn't find my appointment to check me in. Finally, they discovered that my appointment is on Tuesday! I'm still not sure how in the world I got so mixed up!

So I don't have his official stats today, but I will share some pictures of our growing boy!

(As it turns out, clicking your tongue takes a great deal of concentration.)

And since those pictures are actually a few weeks old, here are a few I took today:


  1. Love these! Those last two are soooo cute. And, I was complaining about my pregnancy brain to a mom who has a two-month old, and she told me a story almost identical to your dr. appt. experience. At least you're normal...


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