Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meeting Big Brothers and Going Home!

The morning after Lincoln was born, I started asking if we could go home ASAP. Or I guess I should say, ASAR--As Soon As Reasonable. I didn't want to leave until it was safe for us to take Lincoln home, but I am not a fan of hospitals and never like to stay longer than absolutely necessary. Well, the doctors cleared us to go home that evening--Lincoln just needed to have his bilirubin levels checked at least 24 hours after birth and then we would be good to go.

But even though we were going to come home in just a few hours, I wanted our boys to be able to come to the hospital to see him--to have the opportunity to see where their parents had been the last day and a half and to be able to make the connection I had been telling them about for months previously (that of our baby "coming out of Mommy's tummy" at the hospital when he was big enough).

So Sam left Friday afternoon and picked up the boys to bring them up to the hospital (a 35ish minute drive away). They came in and were so excited to meet Lincoln! Talmage said, "Now we have 3 brothers! 1...2...3!" Here he is pointing and counting brothers.

Wesley was especially anxious to hold him.

I LOVE this one!

I called a nurse to come snap a few pictures of the whole family together. Wesley couldn't seem to keep his hands off Lincoln, and pretty much hasn't ever since!

Then some major excitement began as I pulled out the toys Lincoln got for them. New Hot Wheels cars immediately endeared him to his brothers. Talmage would thank him every time he was near for days following!

The hospital provides a sibling cake and juice to celebrate--another thrill for the boys!

Then Sam left to take them to one more friend's house and when he returned we gathered our things to go! I hurriedly got Lincoln dressed in his "going-home" outfit. Never mind the fact that it was already almost bedtime and I changed him into pjs as soon as we got home... I still had to snap a few pictures while Sam was pulling the car up to the pick-up zone.

For being over 9 lbs, he certainly didn't look it! But this picture makes him look so chubby!

And with that, we headed home about 27 hours after birth, still somewhat in disbelief that we were parents of 3 sons!

This big, tiny baby certainly is adored!


  1. So cute! I love that Wesley was constantly "petting" his head.

  2. Oh my gosh. Wesley's hands in those pictures. So funny! Adorable!


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